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New Futures Nepal’s Contribution in Mahakulung since 2015

We, the residents of Mahakulung, Nepal, want to wish NFN a very happy 20th anniversary.

New Futures Nepal has been the largest donor organization in Mahakulung since 2015. New Futures Nepal supported more than 3000 tarpaulins to the earthquake victims in Mahakulung for the temporary shelters in 2015 and in rebuilding of two primary schools namely Mahakulung and Janasudhar which were badly damaged by twin earthquakes.

At various times, New Futures Nepal UK provided food items to the Mt. Everest tourism porter families who had lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most importantly, the COVID-19 Food Bank was established in Bung with the funding support of New Futures Nepal UK, from where personal protective equipment, nutritious food items, personal hygiene products, thermal guns, and masks were distributed to the needy communities like elders, COVID-19 patients including health workers and health institutions.

Last year, New Futures Nepal UK sponsored warm winter tracksuits to 1000 students of Chheskam Secondary School. This was a huge relief for the students, their parents, and the entire school family during the hardship caused by COVID-19 pandemic. And also with the help of New Futures Nepal, a 2000 watt solar battery was also given to Mahakulung Community Hospital, which has been facing power outages for some time.

At the moment, New Futures Nepal UK is funding the salaries of two teachers at Chheskam Secondary School, as well as uniforms for five primary schools in Mahakulung Municipality.

The People of Mahakulung must express heartfelt gratitude to the New Futures Nepal’s entire board of trustees for the continuous humanitarian support and bringing positives changes in their lives.

Again, Happy 20th anniversary NFN !