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Welcome to Everest Mera Foundation

The Everest Mera Foundation (EMF) is a registered charitable NGO in Nepal. Our primary concern is the hundreds of orphan children from the Mahakulung Region of Eastern Nepal who have lost their parents to the Everest tourism industry, mostly working as porters on the treacherous slopes of the world’s tallest peak.

We are providing these children, who are often forgotten and neglected by the rest of the country, with quality educational opportunities to reshape their futures. We are transforming Nepal’s poorest children into tomorrow’s leaders. We believe that an education can turn a child into a responsible and capable citizen. We believe that a responsible and capable citizen has the potential to lift an entire family out of poverty. We believe that an educated generation has the power to change a whole society.

Situated on the lap of Mt. Everest, the Mahakulung region is an  exquisitely beautiful land. Yet, it exists in the shadow of the Everest tourism industry. We at EMF are supporting the helpless children over-shadowed by Mt. Everest to develop the necessary skills, confidence and integrity needed to create change in their communities.

We work with the public school system in Nepal. We support and motivate orphan children from the Mahakulung region to join government schools in the area by providing all basic the requirements to enable their participation, including school tuition fees, shelter, food, uniforms, books, and stationary. Our students attend regular classes at school and join our EMF program in the mornings and afternoons outside of school hours. Our educational program encourages students to think independently and to critically evaluate information, to explore Nepalese culture and history, to develop a world-view and to explore their individual responsibility and ability to bring about change. We also aim to improve the quality of education in our government schools by selectively recruiting and training teachers to lead our students in the Mahakulung Rural Municipality.


Volunteering at EMF is an extremely rewarding experience; however it can also be very challenging. You can feel the utmost hospitality from the local friendly people and also you can enjoy the beauties of diverse local cultures and the natures.

Charity Tour

The EMF humbly requests you to join our yoga and medical trips that we run to raise essential funds for our charity, which supports education of orphan children who have lost their parents Everest tourism industry. EMF assures these trips will be unbelievable lifetime experience, while at the same time, giving you the opportunity to contribute to the most meritorious deed to people in need. EMF ensures all profit from the charity trips go to the fund the children’s education and healthcare.

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