Everest Mera Foundation EMF Head Office Inaugurated in Chheskam – Everest Mera Foundation

EMF Head Office Inaugurated in Chheskam

In the presence of Mayor of Mahakulung Rural Municipality Mr. Sagar Kirati, the head office of Everest Mera Foundation (EMF) at Chheskam village has been opened on 23rd December amid a formal function.

Mr. Kirati expressed his heartfelt gratitude to social activist Mr. Dilip S. Kulung, the founder chairman of EMF for his selfless social service for long time. Also he has thanked young volunteers Andrea and Anusuya who came from far away Italy with the most needed stuffs for free distribution to the orphan school children.

More than 250 community people and school children were gathered at the function. Mr. Dilip Kulung, Andrea and Anusuya were offered with marigold garland for their selfless services to the helpless community people.

The EMF Chairman Dilip,assured of continuation of such supports to those orphan and poor school children through EMF initiatives.  He expressed his gratitude to Andrea, Anusuya and all donor friends from Italy.

Andrea, young man from Italy, expressed his opinion to keep support continue to the poor school children in Mahakulung. Twenty orphan and poor children and 15  helpless senior citizens were distributed with shoes, dolls,  socks, gloves, winter jackets, paints, trousers, hats., t-shirts, scarf and first aid kits that were brought from Italy and Kathmandu  by Andrea and Anusuya.

Local intellectuals and parents thanked to the team of Everest Mera Foundation(EMF) for the humanitarian services.