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We work with the public school system in Nepal. We support and motivate orphan children from the Mahakulung region to join government schools in the area by providing all the basic requirements to enable their participation, including school tuition fees, shelter, food, uniforms, books, and stationary.

Our students attend regular classes at school and join our EMF program in the mornings and afternoons outside of school hours. Our educational program encourages students to think independently and to critically evaluate information, to explore Nepalese culture and history, to develop a world-view and to explore their individual responsibility and ability to bring about change.

We also aim to improve the quality of education in our government schools by selectively recruiting and training teachers to lead our students in the Mahakulung Rural Municipality.





    For improving the local livelihood and saving the local ecosystem, the EMF motivates the school children and their families to plant Himalayan medicinal trees on their private as well as public land so that they can be benefited from these wild products.

    The EMF produces nurseries/saplings of marketable cash crops and distributes free to the local community. One home- one medicinal farm/one garden will be campaigned in large scale than enhances beautification of the destination.

    This green campaign contributes to the environmental conservation and poverty alleviation.




      The EMF focuses on promotion of local tourism to alleviate the poverty in the rural communities that we support. Naturally, Mahakulung, located on the slopes of Mt. Everest is so much blessed with sky roaring snow-capped mountains, rivers, variegated hills, snow lakes, and innumerable floras and faunas. Heaven is just myth but Mahakulung is real; once being at Mahakulung is never enough.

      Despite limitless natural and cultural potentials Mahakulung still remains at tourist off trail. The foundation attempts to impart innovative ideas and technical assistance to the local people to promote tourism in the region. .

      The foundation promotes integrated tourism packages mixed of medical, adventure, culture, sightseeing etc. for destination competitiveness while helps upgrade tourism products and services for attractiveness. Sustainability triangle i.e. economic upliftment of local community, social development and environmental protection are the key measures and standards of tourism promotion of the EMF.


      Yoga Charity Trip is a sacred journey to the cultural heritages or beautiful hills and mountains of this land or sometimes to the remote countryside in the guidance of world-renowned Yoga teacher Leah Davies from Australia. The program serves in two folds: tour on land and health and spirituality on the other, during a single trip. Ms. Davies has developed a very unique Yoga package during a tour. She teaches yoga every day sometimes at a tourist destination or at stops depending on time and situation. During the Yoga charity trip, you can witness the country’s diverse beauties as it combines the massive Himalaya, wildlife sanctuaries, ancient monuments, Buddhist monasteries, local lifestyles and festivals etc.

      The EMF also  runs a free medical and health check-ups (what we call a medical camp) for poor children and village people in remote areas of the Mahakulung once a year. These medical camps aim to assist those in the community who are deprived from health care facilities with primary medical services. EMF coordinates medical internships and volunteer opportunities for health practitioners from local health institutions to examine patients and train our staff.


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