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Panchpokhari Tourism Trail Construction Completes

The Mahakulung region also known as the shadow part of Mt. Everest as it gets just few trekkers despite it has many spiritual, cultural, natural and adventurous places including ‘ Panchpokhari’.

“The Panchpokhari located to the northern suburb of Mahakulung Rural Municipality is less known place among abroad trekkers as it lacks proper publicity”- Said Dilip, Chairperson of Everest Mera Foundation .

Everest Mera Foundation believes tourism industry is the biggest tool to eradicate the poverty, therefore it had taken an initiation two years ago for Panchpokhari’s systematic promotion by submitting a proposal to the Federal Ministry of Tourism. Then the federal government became very positive towards constructing the trail and started two years project with the collaboration of Mahakulung Rural Municipality and Everest Mera Foundation.

Panchpokhari meaning to Five Lakes in English is made of Nepali two separate words – ‘Panch’ means ‘Five’ and ‘Pokhari’ means lake. This area is incredibly beautiful, the world of five glacier lakes which are worshiped by thousands of Kirati, Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims together twice in a year.

The federal government had allocated USD 40,000 for two fiscal year and from this budget  more or less 29  kilometers new tourism trail, one big shade nearby Panchpokhari and 5 small shades for shamans, pilgrims and trekkers have been constructed as well as produced a promotional documentary and brochures.

Sagar Kirati, the mayor of Mahakulung Rural Municipality has thanked to the Federal government of Nepal for supporting the construction of tourism trail. He also added-“ Panchpokhari  trail will play the significant role  in boosting the tourism in Mahakulung region, the southern slopes of Everest”.

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