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COVID-19 Campaign: Educational support for Sherpa children

Posted On:Sunday, June 28, 2020

Thousands of Sherpa porters who rely on the Everest trekking industry are now jobless in the face of COVID-19. The global pandemic is spreading quickly throughout Nepal with 42,877 reported cases as of Sep 4th. The Federal Government and some international aid agencies have been focusing their services in urban areas while remote and marginalized communities have been forgotten in Nepal’s less developed mountainous regions. The Sherpa community, in particular, is struggling in the face of a severe food crisis.   This campaign aim...

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Panchpokhari Tourism Trail Construction Completes

Posted On:Monday, June 8, 2020

The Mahakulung region also known as the shadow part of Mt. Everest as it gets just few trekkers despite it has many spiritual, cultural, natural and adventurous places including ‘ Panchpokhari’. “The Panchpokhari located to the northern suburb of Mahakulung Rural Municipality is less known place among abroad trekkers as it lacks proper publicity”- Said Dilip, Chairperson of Everest Mera Foundation . Everest Mera Foundation believes tourism industry is the biggest tool to eradicate the poverty, therefore it had taken an initiation two year...

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Appeal for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Food Aid

Posted On:Tuesday, May 5, 2020

In Mahakulung, still  professional medical health workers workings in health centers still have no PPE sets to fight against the Covid-19. They are risking their lives while doing treatment of any suspected Covid-19 cases. This year the tourism industry has been collapsed down because of this pandemic and hundreds of Everest tourism porters from this region have lost jobs which resulted severe food crisis in their families. Most importantly WHO has put Nepal already on the lists of high risk countries as the corona cases spreading out quickl...

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Project for Supporting Studies of Poor Children & Building Safe House

Posted On:Saturday, December 14, 2019

Lochan (5), Chandrika (7), Pabitra (9), Ramita (12) and Mankumari (15) are the children of an impoverished family living in the Mahakulung Rural Municipality in Solukhumbu. They have had no choice but to live in a ruined smoky house despite suffering from asthma for many years. The children want to go to school but their parents cannot afford the fees. We appeal to generous donors to help us support this family by constructing a standard small house that is smoke free and earthquake safe, as well as provide school fees for the five children. Pl...

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EMF Head Office Inaugurated in Chheskam

Posted On:Tuesday, January 8, 2019

In the presence of Mayor of Mahakulung Rural Municipality Mr. Sagar Kirati, the head office of Everest Mera Foundation (EMF) at Chheskam village has been opened on 23rd December amid a formal function. Mr. Kirati expressed his heartfelt gratitude to social activist Mr. Dilip S. Kulung, the founder chairman of EMF for his selfless social service for long time. Also he has thanked young volunteers Andrea and Anusuya who came from far away Italy with the most needed stuffs for free distribution to the orphan school children. More than 250 co...

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