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New Futures Nepal’s Contribution in Mahakulung since 2015

Posted On:Tuesday, July 12, 2022

We, the residents of Mahakulung, Nepal, want to wish NFN a very happy 20th anniversary. New Futures Nepal has been the largest donor organization in Mahakulung since 2015. New Futures Nepal supported more than 3000 tarpaulins to the earthquake victims in Mahakulung for the temporary shelters in 2015 and in rebuilding of two primary schools namely Mahakulung and Janasudhar which were badly damaged by twin earthquakes. At various times, New Futures Nepal UK provided food items to the Mt. Everest tourism porter families who had lost their jo...

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COVID-19: Aiding Orphans in the Everest Region

Posted On:Sunday, December 19, 2021

"Your small help can make them smile with bliss" Everest Mera Foundation is seeking fundraising partners in this upcoming great Christmas Festival and New Year 2022. The project aims to assist 50 orphan students from various Sherpa & Kulung families who have lost their parents while helping western mountaineers in climbing mountains including Everest. Interested individuals and organizations can raise funds in any social gatherings or through crowdfunding sites. Our goal is to raise USD 5,000 which will be used for books, school supp...

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The COVID-19 aid in Mahakulung provided by New Futures Nepal

Posted On:Friday, December 17, 2021

In the last two COVID-19 years, New Futures Nepal UK has been the biggest donor organization to provide humanitarian aid to the COVID-19 affected communities in Mahakulung, the remotest area on the southern slopes of Mt. Everest. COVID-19's first Food Bank was established in Bung, and from there PPEs, nutritious food items, personal hygiene items, thermal guns, and masks have been distributed to the needy communities, including health workers, health offices, COVID-19 patients, and poor porter families. The New Futures Nepal provided ver...

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Panchpokhari Tourism Trail Completes

Posted On:Monday, June 8, 2020

Mahakulung is also known as the shadow of Mt. Everest, as it gets very few trekkers despite being home to many spiritual, cultural, natural and adventurous sights, such as " Panchpokhari". Panchpokhari is a little-known place among foreign trekkers as it doesn't receive adequate publicity, according to Dilip, Chairperson of Everest Mera Foundation. Considering that tourism industry is one of the most effective tools to eradicate poverty, Everest Mera Foundation had initiated Panchpokhari's systematic promotion two years ago by submitting ...

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Appeal for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Food Aid

Posted On:Tuesday, May 5, 2020

In Mahakulung, still  professional medical health workers workings in health centers still have no PPE sets to fight against the Covid-19. They are risking their lives while doing treatment of any suspected Covid-19 cases. This year the tourism industry has been collapsed down because of this pandemic and hundreds of Everest tourism porters from this region have lost jobs which resulted severe food crisis in their families. Most importantly WHO has put Nepal already on the lists of high risk countries as the corona cases spreading out quickl...

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