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Appeal for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Food Aid

In Mahakulung, still  professional medical health workers workings in health centers still have no PPE sets to fight against the Covid-19. They are risking their lives while doing treatment of any suspected Covid-19 cases. This year the tourism industry has been collapsed down because of this pandemic and hundreds of Everest tourism porters from this region have lost jobs which resulted severe food crisis in their families.

Most importantly WHO has put Nepal already on the lists of high risk countries as the corona cases spreading out quickly in the country.  And the federal government of Nepal has been focusing its services to the city and Terai areas only. As of today 4364 cases are found whereas 674 recovered and 15 died. And just few days ago Covid-19 infected patient was found at Phaplu community hospital which is very nearby from Mahakulung Rural Municipality.  And It’s very alarming sign which made us to think about strong preparation fighting against Covid-19.

Mahakulung Municipality is the remotest and less developed mountainous area of Nepal, just last year connected by bumpy motor road. National and international humanitarian aid agencies are just limited around cities where easily motor road accesses have. We therefore request you to help these mountain communities.

List of Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Food  Item

01. Overall gown best quality– 30*15=450

02. Safety goggle –  30*4=120

03. Safety face shield – 30*6=180

04.  Safety rubber glove – 250*0.9=225

05.   Mask KN95– 250*1.8=450

06. 75% Alcohol hand sanitizer 500Ml CLEACE – 60*5=300

07. Infrared thermometer – 6*65=390

08. Safety rubber boots – 30*5=150

09. Food items for tourism families – 100*32=3200

Total (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9) = USD 5465

Our Bank Address- We request you to deposit your generous support to following our official bank account

Everest Mera Foundation (EMF) 
A/C No.: 04100105200349
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