Everest Mera Foundation About Us – Everest Mera Foundation

We exist to support poor children from the Mahakulung region of eastern Nepal who have lost their parents to the Everest tourism industry. Every year, countless people die while working on the slopes of the world’s highest peak as porters to enable some 45,000 tourists to visit the region annually.

More often than not, these lives are forgotten. More often than not, their children get lost in Nepal’s state of poverty. These children are our priority.

We also work to promote the local tourism industry and protect the local environment by collaborating with the like minded national and international organizations to bring positive, sustainable and equitable growth to the region and the livelihood of the Mahakulung community.

Our Board of Executive Directors

                        Dilip S. Kulung ,  Chairperson               Dilip comes from  the remotest village  Chheskam is an awardee of ‘Excellent Service Award’ provided by the government of Nepal(2018) and ELLA Award from Fundar Foundation, Mexico(2013). He used to be a porter for years in Everest tourism to cover his school expenses.  Now he helps hundreds of poor children by providing  basic health care services and educational stuffs. He spoke at UN for the rights of marginalized people(2006). Also he worked with Oxfam International Youth Partnership (2010-2013).
Nishika Rai , Treasurer 

Rai comes from the Everest Himalayas. She has earned a MBA in Business Administration from TU.  She served as Finance Officer in different reputed institutions here in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Its our pride to have her as Treasurer in EMF team.  Nishika has extensive knowledge in financial management.

Labindra Kulung, Vice Chairperson

As a native of Chheskam, Labindra has always had a passion for working with youth in his community. Labindra worked in different local and regional level NGOs being in different posts. His commitment and connection to the Mahakulung people continues to motivate him each day. He attended numbers of training, seminars, meetings and conferences about rights of children and marginalized people. He also deeply interested in writing poems. essays and stories to make aware voiceless people.

 Indra Kulung , Member 

Indra is a well known social activist in the country. He has an experience for more than 4 decades working in different widely known institutions. Also he  wrote some books about the fundamental  rights of backward and marginalized communities.  Currently he is doing  his PhD from Singhania University, India on “Rural Development”.

Keshav Kulung, Secretary 
Keshav hails from Chheskam village. By profession he is banker working as Relationship Manager in one of the biggest commercial bank. Previously he worked as Project Coordinator in HDCG under the project entitled “Poverty Alleviation Program Based on Local Resources”. Also he involved in different types of social works for bringing positive changes. While doing porter job in his teen age in Mt. Everest area for  little earning, he met good hearted supporter then came to KTM for further  studies.

Sankalpa kirati, Member
Kirati has worked with several organizations to understand more about what social justice truly is, and how relevant it is in society and education. During his field visits to the different part of the country,  he saw many helpless children whom not attending school which made him to think and finally joined with EMF team.

Our Global Advisers & Mentors

Leah Davies
Yoga Teacher  & Author




Leah is the owner of The Yoga Collective Terrigal on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia. She is a human rights activist, a passionate writer and storyteller, and a devout yoga student and teacher. Through Leah’s many years of advocacy work, she has discovered a profound truth: Yoga and social justice are one and the same. Yoga teaches us to live and speak our truth (Satya), to collaborate with community (Sangha) and to be of service to others (Seva). Yoga is a vehicle for the ethical and sustainable changes we seek. The Collective is an initiative of Leah’s social enterprise Freethinker Co, which offers workshops and events to connect people to community. Collaborating with EMF with yoga retreats is an opportunity to support children in need from the Mahakulung region while taking the teachings of yoga off the mat and into the world.


Chandra S. Kulung  
Social Development Activist 



Chandra  is a well-known social development personality having academic background of MBA specialized in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relation. He has the experience of an Executive Director (Head of the Management) for about 3 years in the Strategic Partnership Program run by NGO Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities (NGO-FONIN) jointly supported by the developing partners DanidaHUGOU and Department For International Development (DFID). He worked as a  Project Administrator for 5 years in the Community Literacy Project Nepal (CLPN)  managed by UK based  British Teacher(CBT). He also worked as a Finance Officer  for  7 years in the  Trail Bridge Building Program(TBBP) funded by Netherlands Development Organization (SNV)-Nepal.

Roy Andersen
Scientist, Global Educationist  & Author



Roy has dedicated the past 30 years of his life to the better development of children. As a scientist, he developed a new theory of intelligence called “The Brain Environment Complex,” which explains how student learning and so ability in school can be understood through an entirely new paradigm. His work is revolutionizing the school process globally, to which he now travels continually training educationalists, educating parents and assisting child welfare organisations. Roy has created a revolutionary online teacher training program that is gaining world acclaim, and is an expert in Feuerstein’s Conductive Development System, Petro’s Conductive Education for disabled children and a qualified teacher to Deaf and Blind children. He has written seven books, said by professors of education around the world to be some of the best books written about school, society and learning. In 2018, Roy spent five months in Nepal and has returned in 2019, to continue his efforts in developing better school operations throughout the country.